My name is Marshall Epie

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I am forever improving myself and the world I live in.

I fix things. It seems like I always have. At first even when they weren’t broken. Until I learnt better.  I use to love taking things apart just to find out how they worked. Nowadays its my bread and butter. Im pretty good at it too. But I’m lazy, so I stick to the easy stuff.  Marshall Epie Electrical Maintenance Service. It can be tricky for some so most electricians hate it. For me its a walk in the park, so I’m just the man for the job. I love what I do so my charges are always reasonable. Because of this my clients just love me.

Im a techie through and through.  A part of me designs, hosts and maintains websites for friends. I have many techie ideas. Last year I came up with an idea for an app and went ahead and developed it. In the process I had to create a limited company. Im terrible with paperwork. So i unconsciously dragged this innocent groupie of a girl into it. Poor thing. She would do anything for me. Now whilst trying to raise funding there is more paperwork. I wish I could just concentrate on the code.

…and the kungfu.

Another part of me lives up to my name Marshall.  I have a severe passion for Martial Arts. Through out my journey in this field I have practiced many systems under the best of the best. I have learnt the Ying and the Yang styles. Today I am privileged to be the disciple of one of the oldest and most experienced Grand Masters.

So what is Martial Arts to me?  I regard it as tools for fixing people. Yes, for fixing bullies. But also equally for fixing those suffering from physical or mental imbalances.

My latest challenge is to pass this knowledge on via the internet. I am building and uploading bits of material in real time. The first is a self defence course called Dirty Tricks. Check it out and let me know what you think.