90sec Winchun Capoeira warmup

A means of Chi Energy Cultivation

90 Seconds Freestyle Warmup

Great for Cold London Weather

When it gets cold the Marshall artist has ways to warmup. At a bus stop, waiting for coffee or while waiting for your car to heat up. All you need is 90 Seconds. Get your Chi energised.


Learn to Fall

We have just released our first self defence course unit…

… Dirty Tricks  Unit 1 :

  Learn to Fall

Fear of falling is experienced by many, but can be easily overcome by learning the skill known as “Break Falling”.

For beginners, this technique should NOT be attempted without supervision.

Once enrolled, you will be contacted for your first workshop.

During the workshop the instructor will guide you safely.

After a few lessons you should be able to practice on your own.

This is something we all knew how to do as babies but forgot as we grew up.

This course will re-educate you on how to fall like a baby and not hurt yourself.

This is an essential tool for everyone and a must in Marshall’s school of practical self defence.

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Your Mission!


For your eyes only.
This message is not for everyone.

If you are reading this, then by will of the divine,
you have been carefully selected to take part in the Greatest discovery of your time;

Learn to use Ancient knowledge, refined for modern day experience, to reinforce Peace and Happiness in your journey.

Learn how to learn
Learn to master your inner strength.
Learn to take control of your environment.
Learn and master the nature of your universe.

Learn the power of speech and silence.
Learn to make the right choice every time.
Learn to Build confidence
Find your unique purpose in life and live it.

Discover your Kungfu.

Begin this amazing journey and enrol for a course.


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