Learn to fall



Learn how to prevent or minimise injury during fall.

The most common ways of falling are by

  • Tripping and stumbling forward onto your face,
  • Slipping and falling on your bum or back,
  • Falling on to your side as a result of push or shove or as a natural defensive turn whilst stumbling forward or falling backward.

There is a trick to each one of these. Once you know them, your fear of falling will be over.

In Judo, a well known Martial art form of wrestling, the students throw each other to the ground.  They would easily break their backs in any such move if they didn’t first learn how to fall.

As beginners one of their first lessons is to learn how break their falls. This exercise is commonly known as Break-falls.


This is a practice whereby you simulate a fall and practice to respond in a certain way such that you minimise the injury on the body. It is easier than most usually imagineD.

One way of achieving this is similar to that of a spring. At time of impact with the ground, the body is turned into a spring, thus allowing it to bounce rather than crash.

Another is by rolling, Adjusting your landing body in such a way that it hits the ground rolling.

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