The Instant Replay App

Imagine you’re in a business meeting, or a university lecture. You’ll probably want to take some notes, right? Some things will be said that are of importance, that you’ll want to come back to later. Some, but not all.

Now, conventionally, you’d have two options. One would be handwritten notes – you know, pen and paper. Or tapping away on a laptop or tablet. In both cases, that means taking your attention away from the speaker while you note down one important point they’ve just made, and potentially missing the next. It means you’re not free to just listen, to fully engage in the experience as you would if you weren’t obliged to constantly pause and take notes.

Your second option, of course, would be to record the entire meeting or lecture. The whole thing. Which could be twenty minutes or an hour or two of audio, taking up space on your smartphone or tablet, and cluttering up your head with a lot of useless information. That you’d then have to wade through to isolate the important bits, and make separate notes of what you’d like to keep, refer back to or share. Not the most efficient use of your time, by any means.

But what if there were a third option? A way for you stay fully focused on your meeting or lecture, missing nothing, and coming away with only what’s important?

There is: it’s called What Did You Say. It’s an app so simple that we’re shocked no one’s thought of it before; a tool that will change the way notes are taken forever. It’s like instant replay for every important moment in your life, magic that you can activate with a tap on your smartphone screen.

Here’s how What Did You Say Works.

Go into your meeting, lecture or class. Sit down and make yourself comfortable. Activate What Did You Say on your smartphone; relax and give your full attention to the speaker. As soon as something important is said, tap your screen: that’s it. The last few seconds of audio are now saved as an audio note that you can play back and share anytime you like. And you can repeat this process as many times as necessary to come away with everything you need, without losing your focus for a second.

What Did You Say is always listening; you just need to tell it what to save.

Business meetings, university lectures, school classes, workshops; the funny things your friends say; your baby’s first words. Tap, save, keep. You’ll never miss a thing again, with What Did You Say.


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