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100 days of solitude has been featured in Words of Colour (interview and review), Literative, The Zone Show (podcast), CompletelyNovelEffrosyniWrites, Rambunctious Ramblings PublishingFollowMe, My Greek Review, Discover GreeceXPAT Athens and Wandsworth Radio, and was selected as one of 10 winners of One Big Book Launch 2015, a collaborative book launch event organised by CompletelyNovel, that took place in London in June 2015.

“I loved this book. I loved it so much I stopped reading half way through for a while to make it last longer.”

What readers have said (5 star reviews from Amazon):

“I recommend this book to anyone standing at a crossroads. Anyone who is close to giving up on their dreams. Anyone caught up in this rat race we call “life” and anyone who has ever spent any time soul-searching. That’s everyone, right? (Johnny DP on

“100 days of solitude was brilliant […] I could use these fancy book review terms: Thought-provoking! An emotional roller coaster!… oh many more would apply. However, unless you read it yourself you won’t know what this book could be for you. For me, every time I sat down to read it it felt as though someone shook out the madness from my head onto a big shiny table… then bit by bit organised it, made sense of it and put it away somewhere where it almost belongs.” (Zivtele on

“It was more than I expected. I didn’t expect to learn things about myself while reading it. I didn’t expect to shout and laugh in recognition. I loved this book. I loved it so much I stopped reading half way through for a while to make it last longer.” (Samantha Minas-Blight on

 “Daphne did something amazing: she took the pen out of faith’s hand and started writing her own story, literally and figuratively.”

“A masterpiece and future classic.” (John Darryl Winston on

A book for everyone! […] I am usually not a reader and find it hard to finish a book – but 100 days of solitude gripped me! Daphne writes with depth and wit – and every little story leaves you with a smile but also something to take with you to reflect upon. I can’t recommend this book more – everyone should read it!” (miss susanne olsson on

“…What I felt reading Daphne’s Kapsali book was something absolutely exceptional, something I had never felt before. […] Reading the book made me cry, smile, wonder, it certainly made me live every single moment of her journey into life and into her soul […] Daphne offers the reader unbelievable joy and peace of mind. She is a true revelation!!!” (Christa on

If you have ever stopped yourself doing something you love because ‘now just isn’t the right time’, read this book.

This book is a must for anyone who has a dream and just needs that final little piece of inspiration to push towards daring to make it a reality. A permanent addition to my collection.” (Sue W on

“… it is about facing one’s fears and limitations, overcoming the obstacles by acknowledging that it’s all in our head and that we always have options, but mostly it is about reinventing oneself.” (Maria-Iro Ferentinou on

“If you have ever stopped yourself doing something you love because ‘now just isn’t the right time’, read this book. A wonderful journey though fears to achieving a dream. Let it inspire you.” (Jason on

“Expect to fall in love with this book.”

Warm, funny, serious, reflective, honest and humble! Many can relate to the voice of someone who took a risk and conquered fears and still managed to achieve something unique out of the experience. […] To have done that and still have the words to share it with the world is admirable and every page of Daphne’s book is inspiring in the least pretentious way!” (T Theodoratou on

“… to say I loved it is an understatement. I am still living in its pages. It’s colourful, it’s funny, it’s so true, it’s thought provoking. It’s the most beautiful collection of thoughts, stories, provocations and fun that I have bought this year.” (Susan-Helen Norton on

“I read 100 days of solitude at Daphne’s blog day by day and have thoroughly enjoyed every single entry. I highly recommend the book that I am now re-reading!” (Faidra Papanelopoulou on

“If anyone is ever in doubt about whether they should take that leap of faith and be the person their heart is telling them to be, then they should read this book.”

“Great read, many laugh-out-loud moments, but also makes you stop and reflect. I couldn’t stop reading. It’s about life as we know it, but most of us would find it hard to put together in words, which the author did brilliantly. ” (Ela Barnes on

I loved reading the book, day by day, walking through the life of a woman choosing to change her everyday habits, change her life and move to a remote Greek island. Would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to not only have an insight on someone else’ s life, but, most important, find a beginning for their own soul searching…” (Melina on

“The book is sometimes funny, sometimes serious, sometimes even scary. It paints a very accurate picture of life in a scarcely (compared to the summer glory days) populated island in the hear of winter. It is a must read for anyone who has ever thought that he or she needs to stay alone, away from the modern style of life.” (A. Kefalas on