Who is Marshall Epie

My name is Marshall Epie

Im fun, sometimes funny, with or without no money, life is sweet as honey. When you are in my company, the clarity is co comforting, there’s no need to be suffering or worrying about anything because everything is a blessing or a testing from heaven, there is a crystal clear explanation.

My name is Marshall Epie ,yo im a calm, I’m comfy. Some are in a rush but I’m not I’m not in a hurry. You can not forget me ‘cos my clarity is like comedy, I’ll be dropping it like Socrates or Plato with binoculars,

My name is Marshall Epie , you get me, I’m happy, With or without no money life is sweet as candy.

When you’re in my company, nothing will be bothering we, nothing is my property, sharing is my philosophy. things will be happening, just like how I’m rapping, Cold cut alchemy

Your thoughts are your reality

My name is Marshall Epie